Deep Learning Cybersecurity in Health IT

Cyberattacks have become the #1 threat to Medical and Health IT systems. Industry opinion leaders and CIOs across all medical organizations say that cyberattacks leads to it their greatest fears: downtime and system malfunctions.

With its 3Di PACS software, Shina Systems Ltd. decided to lead the market and be the first to offer a complete suite of “Zero Time Attack” protection against malware and ransomswares by partnering with Deep Instinct Ltd., the company that has created the best deep learning Artificial Intelligence software on the market.

Shina decided that it no longer wanted to wait for Health IT to make a decision about, what will protect the company’s 3Di Picture Archiving, Communication System and Imaging applications. When 3Di will be implemented, it will have the best cybersecurity protection based on deep learning with the best prediction model with accuracy for unknown >99%.

‘Malware Most Damaging’

‘While executives reported that phishing and spear phishing attacks rarely lead directly to downtime, data loss or data corruption, these types of attacks are the vectors for more damaging malware and ransomware. Health system executives reported malware and ransomware as most frequently leading to downtime, data loss, or data corruption.’

From the Center of Connected Medicine 2019 report

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