PACS Management & Viewers

View Anywhere

Connectivity & Management
  • 3Di DICOM Uploader
  • 3Di Connect VNA
  • Auto Routing
  • RIS Integration
  • Reports
  • Patient Management
  • Dictation Integration
  • Transcription service
Applications & Viewers
  • Cardiac
  • Virtual
  • PET-CT
  • Calcium
  • Mammo
  • CT Brain
  • Cardiac
  • MR-CT
  • MR
  • Plaque
  • Cardiac 4D
  • Segmentation
    & VR
  • 3D
  • Hanging
  • Bone
  • MPR
  • Vessel
  • CBCT

3Di Web Patient

The Web Patient Browser allows fast studies and series, images and data to be managed quickly by directly running on any web browser. The Web Patient Browser serves as the portal to all the data and provides the functionality, applications and patient workflow manager for the 3Di platform.

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3Di Web Viewer

The Web Viewer allows referring physicians, or any one “on the move” to view studies from his/her laptop, tablet or mobile device anytime. The 3Di Web Viewer runs from any browser and OS and provides advance 2D/3D viewing and editing directly from the cloud.

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3Di PACS viewer

The 3Di PACS Viewer is a compact viewer that provides the ability to do multimodality & multi-study diagnostic readings from anywhere. The viewer displays 2D, 3D and 4D images and support all the PACS viewing functions for multi-monitors, hanging protocols and MPR/MIP/VR reconstruction modes, with native Mammography and PET-CT views.

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3Di Advance Viewer

The 3Di Advance Viewer is a comprehensive  suite of advanced visualtion tools to run multi-modality diagnostic viewing and clinical application use. The 3Di Advance Viewer featuring high imaging quality, real-time viewing and analysis set of tools to review, analyze and report with the 3Di applications.

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Hybrid PACS Solution

The 3Di innovative PACS solution is based upon an advanced and scalable web-based platform with the latest medical image archiving, visualization and secure communication technologies. Shina Systems can deliver PACS and VNA in your preferred model whether on premises, hybrid, or full cloud.

Cloud Backup

3Di has crated a hybrid solution that can help save on TCO. It generates a complete backup of your imaging by backing up the information on premises to the cloud. 3Di uses the cloud for disaster recovery allowing diagnostic viewers to continue and work during your PACS recovery.

Clinical Application

The 3Di suite of holistic viewers and clinical applications assists radiologists and referring physicians with their diagnostic needs. Cardiac CT, Calcium Scoring, Virtual Colonoscopy, Mammography and PET-CT are all available for the US market.

Connect VNA & DICOM uploader

The 3Di solution allows for full mobility of all the modalities, letting DICOM be uploaded from any where. You can also connect remote PACS to Archive and other PACS side by side.


Our 3Di portal extends any existing 3rd party PACS and VNA with our applications and viewers, per required usage, to meet the diagnostic needs at referral locations, efficiently and robustly.

Cybersecurity Package

By partnering with the best deep learning cybersecurity software in the market, powered by DeepInstinct Ltd., 3Di provides “best-of-the-breed” cybersecurity protection that uses deep learning with a prediction model and provids protection against malware and ransomware with a >99% accuracy for unknown.