Imaging Applications & Viewers

3Di PACS is an innovative PACS solution based on an advanced and scalable web-based platform. The system features the latest medical image archiving, visualization and communication technologies available. 3Di PACS allows web access to medical images throughout the enterprise for faster diagnosis, reporting, storage and distribution of clinical data. 3Di PACS offers a cutting-edge, comprehensive suite of advanced visualization tools, viewers and clinical applications.

Cardiac CT

An advanced Cardiac CT analysis tool that allows for accurate and rapid assessment of heart coronaries and functions.
3Di Cardiac provides access to in-depth diagnostic information through a seamless, automatic knowledge-based segmentation tool.
Key Features:

  • Simplified workflow with minimal user interaction
  • Ventricular and myocardial function analysis and bulls-eye maps
  • Complete coronary assessment
  • Intuitive 4D/3D presentation
  • Advanced QCA and plaque assessment tools
  • Unique, virtual IVUS view of coronary vessels

Cardiac MR

A set of advanced Cardiac MRI analysis applications, allow for accurate and rapid assessment of heart functions.
Key Features:

  • Simplified functional workflow requiring minimal user interaction
  • Ventricular and myocardial function analysis and bulls- eye maps
  • Spatial and temporal enhanced assessment of the heart
  • Calculation of 3D quantitative flow


Please note: Cardiac MR applications are currently not available in the US.

Calcium Score

A highly automated application which segments calcified sites, identifies the coronary arteries, and calculates the Calcium Score.
Key Features:

  • Easy modification and approval of the detected calcium sites
  • Agaston and mass scoring methods for Calcium Score quantification
  • Single-click ROI selection for manual site attributes and classification
  • Calcium Score site table showing the selected coronary artery and its calcium deposits

Virtual Colonoscopy

A full-featured virtual colonoscopy clinical application for viewing, evaluating and analyzing virtual colonoscopy CT images, 3Di Colon is based on automatic colon segmentation.
Key Features:

  • Multi-planar reformat (MPR) views
  • Virtual endoscopic and volume views
  • Virtual fly-through feature for interactive navigation through the colon
  • Manual polyp marking and measurement

Brain Perfusion

A powerful application for the evaluation of brain perfusion. Assists clinicians in stroke assessment and treatment planning.
Key Features:

  • Calculates and displays optimized color result maps for  CBV, CBF, MTT and TTP
  • Mirroring ROI’s about the midline of the brain


Please note: The Brain Perfusion application is currently not available in the US.

Mammography Viewer

A true multi-modality Mammography viewer.
Key Features:

  • Allows predefined and customized hanging protocols
  • Optimizes Mirror, Zoom, and Pan operations on Mammography images
  • Comparisons between single and several mammography studies
  • Reading of multi-modality Mammography, Ultrasound, MR and Tomosynthesis studies

PET-CT Viewer

Delivers an easy-to-use fusion of PET and CT image data analysis.
Key Features:

  • Rigid manual registration
  • Fused PET/CT images with adjustable blending percentage,
    cross-referenced image display
  • Review of 2D and multi-planar reformat (MPR) CT and PET images
  • Calculation of SUV s