Shina Systems Ltd. develops and markets clinical image management, PACS and imaging analysis application software. Shina Systems Ltd. has gained market leadership through its proprietary, automated image segmentation tools and intuitive, clinician-friendly application workflow. Clinically effective and technologically distinguished, Shina’s software is installed in thousands of clinical sites worldwide, either under Shina’s own branding, or under the branding of its OEM partners.

Company History

  • 1993  Shina Systems Ltd. is founded
  • 2003 Shina released 3D/4D visualization (AV) product to market.
  • 2004 Shina licensed and became the OEM of Cardiac CT, the market’s first automated cardiac CT analysis application for Philips.
  • 2006 Shina introduced AngioCT, the world first software application for Cardiac CT and coronary angiography co-registration and percutaneous aortic valve replacement (PAVR).
  • 2008 Shina started developing their 3Di offering. Shina is among the first to offer a Cloud radiology imaging management suite.

  • 2010 Shina is the OEM of Cardiac Electric Physiology (EP) segmentation software for CardioInsight.
  • 2012 Shina is the OEM of Cardiac CT & Cardiac MR applications for United Imaging.
  • 2013 Shina announced 3Di PACS V2.2.
  • 2014 Shina is the OEM of Picture Archiving Communication System (PACS) Solution for Kometa Ltd.
  • 2015 Shina announced a new commercial release 3Di PACS V3.2.
  • 2018 Shina became a new OEM of Cardiac module in CardioInsight ™ for Medtronic.
  • 2019 Shina announced a new entry to US market.

The Shina Systems Vision

To be recognized as a market innovator and a benchmark of excellence for medical imaging solutions for all modalities. Shina Systems is committed to developing and marketing a diverse portfolio of ground-breaking solutions in a bid to improve the health care and quality of life for patients world-wide.