3Di PACS is an innovative PACS solution based on an extremely advanced and scalable Web-based platform. The system features the latest medical image archiving, visualization and communication technologies available. 3Di PACS allows Web access to medical images throughout the enterprise for faster diagnosis, reporting, storage and distribution of clinical data. It offers significant cost reductions, enhanced productivity and a single point of access to radiologists, referring physicians, clinicians, surgeons and others.

Web Patient Browser

The Web Patient Browser allows fast studies, series, images and data management by directly running from anywhere on any web browser.
It serves as the portal to the patient workflow manager, along with all the data, functionality, and applications for the 3Di platform.
Key Features:

  • Authorized users have access to all of the available image databases and clinical applications
  • An intuitive user interface enables searching, assigning, printing, importing, and exporting
  • Reconciliation of patient studies
  • Prioritization and workflow management
  • Fast, easy access to reading and reporting activation
  • Powerful management of imaging printouts and reports via an easy-to-use reporting interface
  • Administration interface for configuring users, image sources, clinical applications, filters, and personalizing on-screen styles

Web Viewer

3Di Web Viewer is a zero-footprint web-based client which provides advanced 2D/3D medical image viewing using any web browser. It is ideal for anywhere, any device, anytime reviewing of medical images by referring physicians and other clinicians.
Key Features:

  • Secure data and image sharing over the cloud via the creation of unique URLs with expiration times
  • Standard image manipulation tools (stack scroll, zoom, pan, rotate, window level)
  • Layout/matrix definition, measurements and annotation tools
  • Multiplanar reconstruction (MPR) with slab capability volume rendering (VR) and maximum intensity projection (MIP) viewing with ability to dynamically change slab thickness
  • One-click MPR/VR image orientation change with slab capability
  • Save any view to the local machine in JPEG format
  • Play control for cine-loop view, automatic scrolling, magnifying glass and true zoom
  • Supports color palates for PET/SPECT

PACS viewer

The 3Di PACS Viewer is a compact viewer, provides multimodality & multi-study diagnostic reading from anywhere. The viewer displaying 2D, 3D, 4D images, support the entire PACS viewing functions for multi-monitors, hanging protocols, MPR/MIP/VR reconstruction modes, with native Mammography and PET-CT viewer.
Key Features:

  • 2D review of CT, MR, NM, PET, US, MG, DXA, angiography, DR/CR images
  • ECG signal display on supported cardiac XA runs
  • 3D Mammography support for multi-vendor fast uplaod and display
  • Display of single-frame and multi-frame cine files
  • Ability to show Counts and SUV for nuclear imaging
  • Link series option for simultaneous navigation and synchronized display and manipulations
  • Automatic image localization reference lines
  • Image filters: enhance, smooth, invert
  • Measurement tools: pixel value, distance, ROI, angle, Cobb angle, Ratio angle
  • Automatic hanging protocols support including rule-based HP definition and selection
  • Volume and slab display modes for volumetric data-sets
  • Drag-and-drop series from a thumbnails pane into the adjustable layout
  • Keyboard shortcuts for multiple functions like fast layout setting, display adjustment, image capture and more
  • Save any view or the entire screen in DICOM, BMP or JPEG format
  • Easy-to-use MR spine labeling
  • Built-in voice recorder and ability to save to PACS for further transcription

Advance Viewer

The 3Di Advance Viewer with comprehensive suite of advanced visualization tools to run multi-modality diagnostic viewing and clinical application use. The 3Di Advance Viewer featuring a set of real-time tools to review, analyze and report using the 3Di diagnostic applications.
Key Features:

  • Full-features advanced visualization for 3Di clinical applications
  • 2D review of CT, MR, NM, PET, US, MG, DXA, angiography, DR/CR images
  • Double-oblique MPR with slab MIP/volume rendering
  • Volume editing and segmentation tools include dynamic region growing, cut, sculpt
  • Semi-automatic tissue segmentation tools, including dynamic injection and one-click component selection
  • Cube view, cut plane and sculpting tools for sub volume investigation
  • Endoluminal view – synchronized orthogonal views and path flythrough
  • Vessel tracking (CT/MR) with an auto centerline
  • Advanced vascular analysis tools dedicated to curve review
  • Straightened MPR for a panoramic view
  • Comparison mode, batch and movie tools including saving options